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Weekend Warrior

I classify a weekend warrior as an athlete who participates in training only in their spare time and does not necessarily follow a structured training program. You might have young kids and a full-time job and do not have the time to dedicate to serious structed training.


I get it! Sport, training and competition is your professional hobby! You aren’t getting paid for training or competing and you are unlikely to make an Australian Team but that is not necessarily your driving force.


For some athletes in some sports however this means already having a very high world ranking which can be hard to achieve. I can help you bridge the gap between being a successful athlete to taking your sporting performance to the next level and beyond.


Your maximum potential is not the same as it was and your body does take longer to recover. If you are interested in remaining physically active and competitive through your older years, consider how a Sport Scientist can assist you through the following principles:

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We're offering these Services

Body Composition Monitoring

In physical fitness, body composition is used to describe the proportions of fat, bone, water and muscle in the human body.

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Nutrition and Hydration Strategies

Adequate nutrition and hydration practices and strategies employed by athletes can mean the difference between effective and inadequate preparation for training and competition.

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Online Sports Science

Year 11 and 12 ATAR PE school students can even access this service during a study break at school.

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Physiological and Performance Testing

Physiological and performance testing establishes the benchmark to improve many aspects of your performance.

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Program Packages

Unlock your peak performance through Peak Preparation. With Peak Preparation you can mix and match from the services below to create a complete service that is right for you.

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Recovery Strategies

For a healthy, functional athlete ‘recovery’ refers to a positive response to training stimuli leading to positive adaptation to those stressors.

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Sleep Strategies

Optimal sleep is likely to be beneficial in reaching peak athletic performance. Sleep serves a restorative function as the body repairs its self during sleep.

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Training Load Monitoring

It is not possible to identify the effects of training without precise quantification of the underlying workload. Training load is a term used to describe the cumulative amount of stress placed on an individual from a single training session or over a period of time.

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Training Programs

The process of creating a training program to help develop an individual's level of fitness comprises of several stages.

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Travel Tips

Travel to training camps and competitions is a necessary part of an athlete’s schedule. Travel can be disruptive to an athlete’s training routine and detrimental to training and competitive performance by placing additional stress on the body.

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Warm Up and Cool Down Strategies

Adequate preparation is Vital for any athlete during the various phases of training and competition. A warm-up routine before a training session is generally accepted and a widely used practice before performing other forms of exercise.

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