Peak Performance

Mindset Tools For Athlethes

Mindset Tools for Leaders helps you identify conscious and unconscious factors in your life that affect performance and highlights strategies that will take your performance as a leader to the next level. This book explores the habits of peak performers, the actions peak performers take, and the strategies peak performers employ. It is a kit providing various tools you can use to perform at your best as a leader.

I was absolutely honored to be invited by Erik Seversen to contribute a chapter to this book. Little did I know our novel would reach #1 bestseller on Amazon. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing the chapter and I hope it assists you in your quest to be better tomorrow than you were today’

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Welcome To Peak Preparation

Let Peak Preparation Help You Understand What A Sport Scientist Does

Dr. Sacha Fulton

Accredited Sports Scientist / Athlete Preparation Specialist / Speaker / Workshop Facilitator / Performance Strategist / Wellness Coach / Trainer

Hi! I am Dr. Sacha Fulton and this is my story. For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about life – passionate about travel, driven to embark on challenges and adventures and committed to my studies and connecting with people. The truth is, there were numerous careers I could have embarked on but Sports Science seemed to fit the brief perfectly. I could combine my love of science, movement, sport and travel to assist athletes prepare for events and have some incredible adventures along the way.

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