Dr. Sacha Fulton

Accredited Sports Scientist / Athlete Preparation Specialist / Speaker / Workshop Facilitator / Performance Strategist / Wellness Coach / Trainer

Hi! I am Dr. Sacha Fulton and this is my story.

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about life – passionate about travel, driven to embark on challenges and adventures and committed to my studies and connecting with people. The truth is, there were numerous careers I could have embarked on but Sports Science seemed to fit the brief perfectly. I could combine my love of science, movement, sport and travel to assist athletes prepare for events and have some incredible adventures along the way.

I look at all life’s challenges and I can see how essential preparation is. Sometimes we want to take short cuts and as humans we are inherently lazy, however those who go onto succeed in all aspects of life have one thing in common. They prepare. In my work I love to support people who want to be the very best versions of themselves. I believe in assisting people with goals and dreams to develop an elite mindset, to think, feel and behave like professionals to see what they are really capable of. I help individuals, teams, clubs and organisations to be better prepared to reach their goals and to perform on the stage of high performance.

My methods are based on science, research, the power of education and my own experiences as a scientist, athlete, academic, adventure enthusiast and keen traveller. I have combined the practices and principles of sports science for elite athletes training to be the very best in their sport and applied them to the principles and practices of preparation for success. In working with me you’ll be accessing my knowledge, expertise and experience for your professional and personal development and for preparing to succeed.

Success is what happens when preparation meets knowledge.

I help elite athletes reach their maximum performance potential through scientifically backed training and preparation techniques that include load monitoring, physiological and performance testing, sleep and recovery strategies, nutrition and hydration strategies, tips for travelling and training programs.

Through my studies as a doctor of Sports Science, the lessons I have learnt from Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and my life journey; I bring an elite mindset to individuals and organisations to enable high performance and develop team culture.
My purpose is to unlock possibility and cultivate greatness for individuals to achieve their full potential.

Peak Preparation

As the owner of Peak Preparation and an Australian leader in Sports Science, I have over 15 years’ experience in the field of scientific training and preparation techniques for individuals, organisations and schools. My purpose is to unlock possibility and cultivate greatness to achieve full potential and bring an elite mindset to enable high performance. My powerful and exciting strategies will improve performance and achieve goals as I share my knowledge and experience.

Who is Dr Sacha Fulton?
I am an:

  • Accredited Sports Scientist
  • Athlete Preparation Specialist
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Podcaster

During my career I have helped:

  • Paralympic swimmers break world records and win gold medals in competition.
  • National, International and Olympic athletes prepare for, execute and achieve greatness.
  • Olympic gymnasts recover from major injuries to once again represent Australia in World class competition.
  • School aged, amateur athletes and weekend warriors go from zero to hero.
  • Professional athletes monitor their training loads and balance their energy availability to achieve perfection.

Speaking Arrangements / Program Facilitation offered by Peak Preparation

I provided tailored keynote presentations and programmes to a range of sporting and non-sporting related clients.

If you are looking for an enthusiastic and inspirational speaker for performance or team building outcomes, I provide a unique sports-based perspective that captures your audience’s attention and takes them on the journey of a lifetime. They get to share with me the lessons that I have learnt and convert these to their own situations.

I take the audience on a behind the scenes glimpse of my travels as a Sports Scientist and adventurer. From my early days as an amateur athlete competing in the Hawaiian Ironman to completing my PhD with the Australian Institute of Sport, working with Australia’s top athletes in Olympic preparation and at the Paralympic Games to seeing the world.

They will discover how individuals and organisations can improve personal performance, achieve their goals and implement high performing team cultures.

Sporting Clubs and Organisations

You know how some athletes seem to just get better and better every season? Chances are, it has a lot more to do with their preparation than their effort on race day. Whether you are the next Olympic hopeful, want to dominate your age group at the next state title or simply want to run your fastest ever 10km I can help you.

For individual athletes and sporting associations, I help athletes at all levels reach their maximum performance potential through scientifically backed training and preparation techniques.


It is important for schools to implement high performing team cultures.

  • Could your ATAR PE studies students benefit from another voice as they strive to understand Physiological and Biomechanical concepts?
  • Could your senior school students develop an understanding of the effects of nutrition, exercise and sleep on cognitive function, and ultimately performance, both inside and outside of the classroom with the right tools from the right voice?

I can have your students captivated from the start and walking away with an internal fire burning brightly with a behind the scenes glimpse into what it is like to help the world’s best athletes prepare for the pinnacle of competitive sport.

Contact Me

If your preparation in life, business and in sport needs a renewed focus and you want to perform better, train smarter, recover faster and prepare with an elite mindset then let's chat and map out a plan to have you achieving new PB's or kicking goals you've only dreamed about.
Give me a call and let’s have a chat about where I can assist you to reach your full potential.


Dr Sacha Fulton successfully secured a sports-based PhD scholarship in 2005 with the Australian Institute of Sport following her tertiary studies in NSW. Her PhD was titled ‘Performance Characteristics of Paralympic Swimmers’ and was completed in conjunction with Swimming Australia and the University of the Sunshine Coast. Concurrently, Sacha was appointed as Physiologist for the Australian Paralympic Swimming team.

Sacha worked with the team in a professional capacity up until 2013 and accompanied them to the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008 and the London Paralympic Games in 2012 as part of the team. In 2009 after the successful submission of her PhD and publication of all five of her research projects, Sacha gained employment at the Western Australian Institute of Sport. She worked with the Institute for over nine years assisting in the athletic improvement of Olympic and aspiring Olympic hopefuls.

In 2018 Sacha established her own Sports Science consulting business for sub elite and elite athletes in Perth, Western Australia. Sacha is passionate about sport and helping athletes unlock their potential and reach their goals. Sacha is a surf lifesaver and a keen athlete herself having represented Australia at the IM triathlon World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and completing the Rottnest Island Channel crossing on five occasions. Sacha is an adventure enthusiast and is a keen traveller within Australia and overseas. Her recent travel adventures have seen her hike to Mt Everest base camp in 2017 and complete 1700km on foot over 62 days of the Camino de Santiago across France and Spain in 2018.


  • Extensive knowledge, experience and achievements in the Australian high-performance sport system
  • Sports science and sports medicine coordination, development and delivery
  • Coordination, planning and execution of sports science and sports physiology services at national team, national program, State institute, and high-performance program levels
  • Administrative and management experience at both institute, program and team level
  • Supervision and mentoring of both small teams and individual service providers

Roles I have Enjoyed

Athlete Preparation Specialist, Owner of 'Peak Preparation' Peak Preparation
Sports Physiologist Western Australian Institute of Sport
Australian Paralympic Swimming Team
Sports Scientist Australian Paralympic Swimming Team
Physiologist Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Canberra
PhD Scholar University of the Sunshine Coast


Award Year
Camino de Santiago (1700km on foot in 62 days) 2018
2 x Solo Rottnest Island Channel crossings 2010 and 2017
Mt Everest Base camp and Kala Pattar (5545m above sea level) 2017
Sports Scientist for Australian Paralympic Swim Team 2008 & 2012
8 x IM Triathlon Finisher including Hawaiian IM 2004
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